Is Sony Mustivar stuck in Romania?


Sony Mustivar gambled on Petrolul Ploiesti during the Summer when he rejected an offer from a Slovenian club and now the Haitian defensive midfielder may regret that decision as the Petrolul’s officials met with the players today before the Winter break to give them a first-hand account of the club’s financial troubles.

Earlier this week, the Romanian government has decided to freeze Petrolul Ploiesti’s bank accounts as part of an investigation on the club’s owner Dan Capra who is charged of scamming the country of 15 million euros in back taxes. The boss is currently awaiting trial for his alleged crimes which include tax evasion, money laundering, and criminal association.

„The situation is not pleasant”, said Felipe Teixeira who is also expected to leave the club.

However, with no current offer on the table, Sony Mustivar was among the players who agreed to remain at Petrolul although that does not necessarily mean the player will not consider a transfer to another club. Jean Sony Alcenat reiterated his position to leave Romania.

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12 decembrie 2014